Our ministry emerged out of a vision in response to God’s call and a unique response for intervention for His faithful people at Emmanuel Christian Assembly (ECA), then under the interim leadership of Pastor Whaley Hirsch from Brazil.

After pastoring at Calvary Worship Centre for a season we followed the Lord’s leading to “Step-In-the -Muddy-Waters” and planted a new ministry in July 2006 called International Liberty House of Worship.  Not long after we were called upon with a need for ECA. Our response resulted in absorbing the latter under our leadership and vision -a  joint effort which now gave birth to Liberty House of Worship-A ministry of Liberty International on December 31st, 2006 and formally launched, February 10, 2007.

In a world where segregation and individualism is a norm, we cultivate a multicultural Christian community where every individual, irrespective of status, tribe, nationality color or race can worship freely. We intentionally encourage integration and respectfully celebrate our God-given cultural diversity.

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