Adults Ministry

Men and Women are involved in a variety of ministry fellowships. Bible Study is offered to deepen relationships and encourage spiritual growth. The goal for adult ministry and fellowship is to learn to know Jesus’ Love, and to make His Love better Known to one another and also, those whom we reach. Our Men’s and Women’s Ministries facilitate a congenial atmosphere for individuals to discover the joy in Christ Jesus, His community and in serving in this community.

We aim to bring a quality of life that lacks in our world to one another. Our men and women are models for the youth and the faith we profess. Their ministry is self-nourishing and outward reaching into the community.

Children's Ministry

Liberty has a vibrant Children ministry.

Our Children ministers educate and nurture children in the Lord in an environment of Faith and Fun. Children have the opportunity to learn visually and interactively at Sunday school, Vacation Bible School, Child Camps, Choir, Bible studies, and Youth Group settings.

Our goal is to provide fun and faith with current tools, media and teaching Technics that will build them up n the fear of God, develop in them the love for others and place eternity in their hearts for the rest of their lives.

At Liberty, children are a great priority.

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